Author: Kelly Jones

Commissioner’s Season Opening Statement

Hello WNHL Athletes,      

Just wanted to drop some inspiring words to start the Inaugural WNHL Six-Pack Season 2019-2020.

With expansion comes new players. Some of the rookies have been involved in the WNHL in different capacities and some are brand new out of the package. Let’s make these new players feel welcome and enjoy all the aspects of the WNHL.

We are lucky to be in a Beer League that offers more than just hockey. The best parts of the WNHL are the things like the locker room time, beers and Pre-Game Nutrition at the Rex Hotel or Peter Pipers, the Draft, the WNHL BBQ, and hanging out in the parking lot after the game. From my vantage point I see that players that take advantage of the off-ice WNHL Activities have a better time with the league and get to know some great people. I know we all can’t make it early or stay late every Wednesday but making an effort from time to time will be a huge benefit. If you are just showing up for the ice and leaving right after every week you are missing out on a great experience. As the Commissioner, I believe if you have a beer with someone, you are less likely to slash that person. Share a beer-not a slash. This is how we can keep our competitive/fun balance in this league. In my eyes, if you only come for the hockey it is like buying a Kit-Kat Bar and only eating one bar of the four delicious goodness.

Another step to keep the WNHL, ‘The WNHL’ is more enhanced and detailed rules and a consequence system for this season. Please take the time to review the rule section of the website so everyone is on the same page. This will help avoid any unnecessary arguments between players.

Many of us have been looking forward to the new season since the King Street Cup was raised in April of 2019. This should be a great season. Remember, we all have a part in making this the best beer league in Canada. So get out there and enjoy what the league has to offer. If you have any questions or concerns please let me know. Keep an eye on the WNHL WhatsApp Info Thread, WNHL Website, WNHL Instagram and WNHL Twitter to keep up with all the activities of the league.

Remember you miss 100% of the pizza/wings you don’t eat.

Commissioner of the WNHL,

Kelly Jones

Important Dates for 2019-2020 Season

As summer is shining on a great Long Weekend in Welland the anticipation of the WNHL Inaugural 6-Pack season is in the back of the minds of 84 athletes. Wondering if they will be King Street Cup Champions for the 2019-2020 Season. Here are some key dates and information for the upcoming WNHL Season so you can keep your schedule clear, wives informed and start building excitement for this season.

August 14th – Prospects Game and GM Interviews 7pm – Peter Pipers for GM Interviews in the basement. Each GM will get a one minute meeting with each new player to learn everything about them in a speed dating format. Prospects Game 9pm Pelham Arena Team Macleod vs. Team Jones. Come cheer on your favorite new WNHL Prospect and inform the already confused GM’s on player performance.

August 21st – WNHL Off-Ice Combine – Notre Dame Football Field – 7pm – All WNHL Athletes are invited to the first WNHL Off-Ice Combine. Give GM’s a peek at your athletic ability or need for beer-ability. Brett Forsey Personal Trainer will have ropes, agility ladders, speed burst challenges and much more. Please RSVP if you want to Attend. Swim after at my place.

September 4th 2019 – WNHL Draft – Rex Hotel 7pm (Napoli Room) – Free Food, Cash Bar and meet the GM that is smart enough or dumb enough to draft you.

September 11th 2019 – Season Opener – Full Schedule to be released shortly

December 7th 2019 – WNHL Christmas Classic – Welland Youth Arean 2pm to ??? – For the new athletes this is our charity tournament. We create new teams for a four team battle at the Youth Arena. Attendance is optional and it is not part of the regular WNHL Season but always good time. More information to come.

March 11th – WNHL Playoffs Begin – the Rankings in the Regular Season will dictate the draft order for the Goalie Selection. This will be goalie that is on your team for playoff battle to King Street Cup.

April 11th – WNHL Championship – Meridian Centre (Unless bumped by the Ice Dogs) – All six teams will play but only two will have the chance to play for the King Street Cup. Pre-drink at the Rex Hotel, Bus to the Meridian and Buffet back at the Rex Hotel for the WNHL Award Season.

April 15th – WNHL Spring Hockey Pick up at the Pelham Arena – $15 for ice each week or $20 for Ice and Beer each week. Very casual and a lot of fun. Runs until the end of June. We will also be bringing back the WNHL Mayhem 4 on 4 Tournament in the Spring.