Author: Kelly Jones

The Teams are set!

The draft was a great success on Zoom. Over 80 WNHL Athletes Tuned in to see what team they will be on this year. See you on the ice on October 7th 2020.

New COVID-19 Regulations

  • The use of individual antibacterial hand sanitizer is recommended before and after games. Sanitizer must be provided by the individual player.  
  • Players must wear their mask while not on the ice including locker rooms while inside an arena facility or restaurant for WNHL Events
  • Players are reminded to avoid body contact during play on the ice
  • Players are reminded to have conversations 6 feet apart on and off the ice and with the referees, timekeepers and arena staff
  • Players while on the bench will only use their water bottle that they brought for their own use
  • Players while on the bench will avoid talking face to face with other players and try to maintain a reasonable distance while on the bench
  • Players should avoid touching their eyes, nose or mouth
  • Players must cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or into your elbow when coughing or sneezing
  • Players are to be mindful and abstain from spitting
  • Players should wash their hands frequently and before and after each game or practice
  • Glove on fist pumps will replace handshakes at the end of the game

Zoom Draft this Wednesday

Doug Ford is so jealous that he can’t play in the WNHL this season that he changed the social gathering laws so we couldn’t do the WNHL 2020-2021 Draft live and in person. We will be gathering on Zoom to see the new teams as they will be carefully picked like buying expensive produce.

Check out this great Draft Promo Video created by our Evan Fabiani.

See you on the Zoom as the season draws near!