00 Gboz

Current Team
Lincoln Street Legends
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers, Dain City Dusters, Welland Undertakers

Over the past off-season, GBoz has been on a strict training regimen – kegels five times a day, pilates, dog walks, and watching the tape. Since getting a taste of OV out of the King Street Cup, the future is a limitless wormhole of possibilities, and GBoz is poised to take as many as he can in this coming season. Though he’s getting married in September, he’s ready and willing to spend his honeymoon with the WNHL suitor of his dreams.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Lincoln Street Legends4040011
2019-2020Dain City Dusters8080024
2017-2018Welland Undertakers13670025
2018-2019Atlas Steelers11470015