Each WNHL game shall consist of one fity (50) minute period.  There will be a five (5) minute pregame warmup to skate of your pregame buzzies.

The game will start with a faceoff at center ice. 

All goals will be followed by a faceoff at center ice.

Should the game be tied after the elapsed time, the game will end in a tie.

Teams shall be awarded 2 points for a win, and 1 point for a tie.

Should the puck leave the playing surface and strike the protective netting around the rink, play will be allowed to continue.  There will be no penalty for shooting the puck over the boards in your defensive zone.  This isn’t the NHL, some of us don’t really know what’s going to happen when the puck leaves our stick.

When the goalie covers the puck the offensive team will exit the zone. Once the players have tagged up at the blue line they can reengage in the
play in the defensive zone.
Please respect goalies hands and don’t get aggressive for the puck. In the regular season we have to show some self-control when they cover the puck.

If a team goes offside, the play will be dead and rhe offending team will lose possession of the puck.

Should a goaltender be struck in the mask with a shot, the play will be immediately blown dead.  A check will be made to make sure the goalie is still conscious and breathing.  Once the goalie acknowledges he is ready to proceed, the offending team will exit the zone and the play will continue once the offending team reaches the blue line.  (If the goalie is knocked unconscious he will be taped to the net like they did to Goldberg in The Mighty Ducks.  Tape and rope can be found in the trunk of Gavin’s car)

Slapshots are only to be taken if there is a clear path to the net.  And when we say clear path, we mean CLEAR PATH.  We all have to work in the morning and nobody needs to be taking clappers off the ankle or worse.  There will be NO CREASE CLAPPERS!   If you do it once you will be issued a warning, and if you continue the league will take action.

Disputed goals will be discussed by the two GM’s (or designate) with the burden of proof to be on the scoring team. That is to say, we error on the side of caution and say “no goal”.

Goal tracking will be done by the home team.


Icing shall be defined as a player shooting the puck from behind the defensive blue line, and across the opposing teams goal line.

When a team has iced the puck they lose possession and will give up thier own blue line to allow the opposing team entry into their zone.

A team shall be permitted to change lines after an icing call.  The isn’t the goddamn NHL and some of us dudes get winded.


Listen, this is obviously the trickiest part of the WNHL. This year we are going back to no referees, so that leaves it on us to police ourselves. We need to be able to exhibit self control on the ice, and need to understand that calls will be missed, the same as they are missed with referees, so let’s keep the whining and crying to a minimum this year.

Any penalties assessed will result in the offending team giving up their blue line, much the same as an icing. However, penalties called in the last three minutes of the game will result in a penalty shot.

Should any play of the game go into dispute, the game will stop, the GM’s (or designate) will meet at center ice and come up with a ruling.

Player Discipline

New to the WNHL for the fourth season is the option for player discipline. If a player is out of line during the game be it physically or verbally the GM’s may institute a formal complaint with the league. Should a player receive 3 formal complaints they will automatically be issued a three game suspension.

Fighting, hits to the head, or severe slashing or body checking will result in a 10 game suspension and potential removal from the league based on the commissioner’s ruling. What makes the WNHL great is the lack of this garbage and we are doing everything we can to ensure it stays out of the league.

Call Ups can be used if a team falls below ten players for that week. The skill level of the call up will be matched to the missing players as much as possible, but this is not an exact science.

Have fun, smash OV’s and keep your stick on the ice.

Always remember: Bros before goals.