WNHL RULE BOOK (As of Feb 5th 2020)


WNHL Rules follow Hockey Canada Guidelines with a few exceptions as stated below.

  • 2-3 mins warmups 
  • Games are 3 14 minute periods with stop time the last 3 minutes of each period
  • At the end of each period teams will switch ends
  • Games with the exception of WNHL Championship Game will end in a tie. For the Championship Game there will be a 5 minute 5 on 5 OT and then a NHL Style Shootout.
  • When a goalie is struck in the mask the play will be blown down and the faceoff will remain the in offensive zone
  • When a player is injured the play will be blown down and the faceoff will be at the closet faceoff dot. This is will be completed at the Refs discretion. The timekeeper will stop the clock during injuries
  • Offsides in effect
  • Pucks that hit the mesh above the glass the play will be blown down and the faceoff will be at the closet faceoff dot
  • Blue-line no touch icing but players can substitute on a icing whistle
  • Quick faceoffs (make your line changes between whistles quick), refs will drop the puck regardless if the centreman is ready. 
  • When a penalty is committed the timekeeper will stop the time to set the penalty and ensure there is a full two minute penalty to start. The clock will start at the drop of the puck
  • Timeouts: one 30 sec timeout once per game. Timeouts stop the time at any time during the game
  • Unsportsmanlike penalties that involve verbal abuse of the ref will be a 2 minute penalty the 2nd one committed by the same player will be ejection from the game
  • 3 penalties in a game = game ejection, and possibly further discipline
  • For too many men penalties a player that was on the ice at the time of infraction must serve that penalty
  • Sticks that are broken need to be dropped immediately and pushing or moving a discarded stick towards an opposing player will be a 2 minute penalty  
  • If a goalie is late the team can start the game with six players when the ref wants to start the game
  • If a goalie is given a game misconduct the team must play with 6 players on the ice
  • Aggressive play is STRICTLY prohibited (ie. contact, especially along the boards). Pinning and using your body to gain position is allowed as it is part of the game, but throwing your weight, clutching, and hooking aka “tugging” is not.
  • Majors : fighting and attempts to injure will include a 10 game suspension that can cross over into a new season