55 Jeff Beadle

Current Team
Merritt Islanders
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers, Merritt Islanders, Welland Stelcobras

Another #spatalk champion, Beadle is one of the most explosive d-men in the WNHL. With the ability to change the pace of a game on a dime, Beadle’s strengths as an all-around hockey player are only surpassed by his crooning abilities. This past summer, it was rumoured that twelve pregnancies occurred between East Main and Lincoln, during his set on the Illuminaqua stage. In the words of Kanye West, ‘no one man should have that much power’.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2023-2024Merritt Islanders12570029
2019-2020Atlas Steelers13580025
2018-2019Welland Stelcobras13850024