59 John Harvey

Current Team
Haist St. Hackers
Past Teams
Cotton Mill Knights, Townline Tunnelers

John Henry was a steel driving man, and John Harvey is a game changing d-man.  Harvey joined the Townline Tunnelers during the WNHL six pack expansion and has made their blueline his home.   Trying to enter the Tunnelers zone while Harvey is on the ice is like trying to enter the actual Townline Tunnel without gagging.   John Harvey came out of the Kuska Knights program and eventually fled to the west coast before returning home.  John Henry died in West Virginia with a hammer in his hand, John Harvey will never die, but he might kill you.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Townline Tunnelers4040011
2022 PlayoffsTownline Tunnelers220005
2019-2020Townline Tunnelers182160025
2021-2022Townline Tunnelers163130028