28 Podio

Current Team
Cotton Mill Knights
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers, Merritt Islanders, Rose City Hockey Club, Welland Stelcobras

Since the early days of pick-up, Podio has been a consistent powerhouse both on the back-end and up front. With an ability to glide through teams like warm butter, Podio has earned his keep each season, and nearly brought home the King Street Cup for the second time this past season. After coming so close to a repeat, Podio is hellbent on setting the record straight and bringing King St. to Merritt St. once and for all.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Atlas Steelers3030011
2022 PlayoffsMerritt Islanders624005
2023-2024Rose City Hockey Club204160030
2023 PlayoffsRose City Hockey Club220007
2019-2020Merritt Islanders182160025
2022-2023Rose City Hockey Club133100028
2021-2022Atlas Steelers206140028
2018-2019Welland Stelcobras181350024