36 Shawn McKinnon

Current Team
Gatfield Goons
Past Teams
Merritt Islanders

Shawn McKinnon, a.k.a. Greyhound, is finishing up his second year in the WNHL. Mick has quickly become a popular name around the league, as he’s known to slide a few Merritt beers in your bag.  A relentless forechecker who will grind you down in the corners and also win a couple faceoffs. The guy shows dedication to the league, as he’s been seen spending upwards of $70 for an Uber to get from Hammer Town to the game.  Makes you question your own dedication.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Merritt Islanders5140011
2022 PlayoffsMerritt Islanders202005
2023-2024Merritt Islanders133100029
2023 PlayoffsMerritt Islanders532008
2019-2020Merritt Islanders11650025
2022-2023Merritt Islanders15780028
2021-2022Merritt Islanders6060028