Season: 2019-2020

Andy Doyle

The WNHL has now doubled down on Doyle, with Andy joining the league in 20-21.  The shadow is looming large from Mark’s first round status, but Andy shows that he’s no Brent Gretzky,, by bringing the grit to the Doyle name.  If you don’t know what I mean go in the corner with him and find out.   If you are looking for him, he’s digging like a coal miner in the corner, clearing the front like a streetsweeper, or crushing beers with the boys.  Tell that to his first round Pen Lakes brother.

Nate Brady

Brady unlike Tom Brady has no Championships in the WNHL but has plenty of loses under that “Alternative” Coloured helmet. Nate was injured with a broken knee cap in his first season by playing an unsactioned sport called soccer. A sport usually reserved for meeting girls or intentionally disappointing your stepdad. Brady is 1 of 2 Tampa Bay Buccaneer fans in the WNHL and is always ready for receiving a sweet pass or a post game beer.