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New Addition to the Regular Season – The WNHL In-Season Tournament

Over the course of the WNHL’s stellar history players and management have always tossed around ways to give the regular season more pop and meaning. In May at the WNHL AGM for 2024 the WNHL Leadership Team created the first WNHL In-Season Tournament.

  • Single Elimination style tournament for three weeks starting the first Wednesday in November
  • The winning team after the 3 Week tournament will receive one point to put away for the upcoming 2024-2025 playoff standings to help improve their chances of being King Street Cup Champs.
  • All wins and loses and player points still fit into regular season standings.
  • NHL Style Shootout if the game is tied after regulation (each team will pick it’s own players)
  • Teams eliminated will be re-seeded on their current regular season standings for the remaining two weeks.
  • The tournament match-ups you see above were created by an automated tournament maker

Should be a lot of fun and something that we can build from for future seasons. More exciting updates for the 2024-2025 season await as we build towards the draft.

Rose City Rage Rock the Spring Fling

Congrats to the Rose City Rage on winning the WNHL 2024 4on4 Spring Fling Championship. It was a great 12 weeks of hockey action. In other final night action, the Cotton Mills Knights won the Red Bucket Game for Bronze, & the Haist Street Hackers took 5th place in the Pizza Bowl.

We move now into WNHL Pickup at the Pelham Arena on Wednesdays at 9pm until draft night on August 21s. Reach out to the commissioner if you want to be included on the weekly callup list.

Spring Fling Announces Playoff Format

The WNHL 4on4 Spring Fling has begun and six teams will battle for the Spring Fling 2024 Championship Title. This year we will be changing up the playoff format with the following

Regular Season – Play each team once (5 weeks)

Round Robin Playoffs – Play each team once and the final week will the 1v6, 2v5 and 3v4 from the Regular Season Standings. (6 week playoff) 3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie and the tiebreaker will be Points, Wins, Playoff Head to Head, Goal Differential

Each Playoff game will have a NHL Style shootout at the end and each team will pick the opposing players first two shooters of the shootout. After the first two shooters it up to the individual teams who their own shooters are. A shootout win will count as one point in the playoff standings.

The Championship Wednesday will feature the top two teams from the Round Robin in the Championship Game.

During the regular season we will also be trying some things out with the time structures of the games to see if we can make some changes to our regular season for more hockey magic.