Hurry Hard Against Cancer 2023

This year the Hurry Hard Against Cancer will be raising money for the Rankin Cancer Run. This will ensure the money raised at the Tournament will stay here in Niagara with people fighting Cancer. All registration Info is at this link

To find about more about the Rankin Cancer Run and how you can get more involved please head to

Things to Remember:

  • Clean pair of shoes to change into for Curling
  • Warm clothes and gloves
  • Responsible ride home if drinking
  • Teams can order their own Party Tray by emailing Erica at The pizza will be delivered between game 1 and 2 for $20 per party tray 
  • Top Pledge Team gets 2 points in the standings,  2nd place gets 1 point in the standings
  • For social media throughout the evening please use the hashtag #hurryhard2023 so everyone can see all the action during and after the event. 

Awards/Team Prizes 

  • Hardest Working Team (worst team) – Lotto Scratch Tickets
  • Tournament Champion – Championship Medals and Prizes
  • Highest Pledge Total – 2 points in the standings before the games even starts


5:00pm – Registration begins at the Welland Curling Club 

5:15pm – Tape up and practice – The Volunteer staff members at the Welland Curling Club are going to get everyone all suited up with Tape Sliders and Slip on Grippers. Once you have completed that you will get a chance to practice with your team

6:00pm – The Tournament Begins 

7:00pm – Game One Finishes – Please bring your scores up to Erica at the Tournament Table. Make sure you purchase some raffle tickets for the Raffle table and buy some 50/50 Tickets. Joker Game and Crack the Code Game will be available at this time as well. 

7:30pm – Game Two begins – Check the Tournament Table to see what sheet your next game is on.

8:30pm – Game Two ends – Please bring your scores up to Erica at the Tournament Table

9:00pm – Game Three begins – Check the Tournament Table to see what sheet your Final game is on.

10:00pm – Game Three ends – Please bring your scores up to Erica at the Tournament Table

10:30pm – Announcement of Raffle Prizes, 50/50, Hardest Working Team (worst team), and of course Hurry Hard Champion!

12:00am – Last Call at the Bar

Curling (The Basics)

Every curling team has four members:

The Lead (The best spot for “Most Rookie” member). The Lead should start placing rocks in the house (the circles) or start setting up guards to challenge the other team.

The second position is called, Second. The purpose of this position is to start placing some rocks in the house or taking out your opponent’s rocks out of the end.

The third position is called, Vice. This person’s shots are all based on what is happening in the house. The vice and Skip will decide what shots to make. The vice will also take over for the Skip when it is time for the Skip to throw his rocks

The final member is the Skip. This is the person that will help seal the victory and get some much needed points, or try their best to clear the house so you don’t lose by a ton. This position is usually granted to the most talented curler on the team.

Every player gets two rocks to shoot per end.

The Tournament

  • Every team will get to play 3 games of 4 end curling
  • To start the game you need to spin the heads or tails machine on the wall near the start of each sheet.
  • The point system for the tournament is if a team wins an “End” they will be awarded 1-point per end. The team that wins the entire game will be awarded two points. This will help curb running up the score. The max. amount of points a team can win with is 6 points per game
  • If there is a tie at the end of a game each team will play a one rock per player single end
  • The winning team of the tournament will be awarded Championship Medals and their team name engraved on the Hurry Hard Against Cancer Plaque.