89 Bryan Baz

Current Team
Pelham Effing Hams
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers, Dain City Dusters, Welland Stelcobras

Baz has paved his way into WNHL glory with one of the hardest shots in the league.  A shot that was honed over the years by dominating the Garden City hockey leagues.  After joining the WNHL and spending years grinding out a tough career as a member of the Stelcobras, Baz was rewarded by being named GM one one of the new expansion teams.  He quickly drew up his best logo and roster and set out to win the King Street Cup.  Things were looking good for Baz and the Dusters until the pandemic ended their Golden Knight like run to the Cup.  Baz remains focused on his two goals of winning the King Street Cup, and brining the filthiest mullet to the game.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Dain City Dusters14770011
2022 PlayoffsDain City Dusters514005
2023-2024Pelham Effing Hams171070029
2023 PlayoffsPelham Effing Hams716006
2019-2020Dain City Dusters2811170025
2022-2023Pelham Effing Hams3520150028
2021-2022Dain City Dusters3713240028
2018-2019Welland Stelcobras4022180022