69 Gavin Sardella

Current Team
East Mainiacs
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers, Dain City Dusters, Merritt Islanders

Reluctant to hand over his GM role, Sardella is currently on the IR after an unfortunate Spelunking incident while on a rescue mission in a Thai cave system. Still, he maintains that he will be ready, willing, and able to guide a team to the WNHL finals for the third year in the row, regardless of circumstance. That sort of determination makes him a player that St.Catharines Stingers fear, but that the rest of the league has endeared to.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Merritt Islanders4130011
2022 PlayoffsDain City Dusters110005
2023-2024Atlas Steelers8440029
2019-2020Atlas Steelers8440025
2021-2022Dain City Dusters10280028
2018-2019Atlas Steelers6150018