79 Jon Campbell

Current Team
Atlas Steelers, Queenston Night Owls
Past Teams
Atlas Steelers

Campbell has quietly become one of the top ten (maybe fifteen) goal scorers in the WNHL, with an ability to slither behind defensive lines and get gritty when it matters. With his unnatural ability to find the net, Campbell is a safe pick to round off any starting line the WNHL, and will continue to both annoy and inspire defensemen throughout the league. Also great for any Pug Dog related Locker Room Talk.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Atlas Steelers13670011
2019-2020Atlas Steelers4221210025
2021-2022Atlas Steelers2610160028
2018-2019Atlas Steelers4019210023
23 Spring 4 vs 4Queenston Night Owls303006