72 Tom Napper

Current Team
Lincoln Street Legends
Past Teams
Dain City Dusters

The lastest member of the WNHL Former Goalie Rehab Program looking to dangle and score as a forward. He plops himself in front of the net like dropping off a portable storage unit in Jon Campbell’s Driveway. As a firefigther we hope for the people of St.Catharines that his urgency and speed to fires is better then his urgency and speed to loose pucks. Many years ago Tom saved the life of an WNHL Top Star after that athlete tried and failed an attempt at a Chris Angel Fist Freak through a Window. He is a great rookie first responder and not afraid of the beers.

Wednesday Night Hockey League

2020-2021Dain City Dusters8170011
2021-2022Lincoln Street Legends5230028