2020 Season

They don’t ask how, they ask how many. In this case, 65. 65 people joined the WNHL zoom draft. While we missed the Rex, the pizza and the pints of OV, we still managed to draw some battle lines and pick the six teams that will make up the WNHL in the 2020 season.

This year the WNHL is excited to announce the “Game of the month”. One regular season game a month will be chosen to be the game of the month. To add to the already exciting atmosphere of a typical WNHL game, we have decided to raise the stakes just a bit. Each GM will select a charity that they will play for. During the month the teams are encouraged to raise money for their charity, through donations by your team, their friends and family. (maybe you have to return some empties, maybe you have to steal money from your wife’s purse or kid’s piggy bank. It’s really none of my business., as long as you are donating). On game day the pots will be combined and the winning team’s charity will collect all the funds raised, the losing team’s charity will continue to suffer knowing that they are being supported by 13 dudes who suck at hockey. This game will be filmed, there will be interviews conducted by our crack staff of WNHL reporters (who have promised that they have quit smoking crack), with the highlights going on the WNHL youtube channel, so the world can see your success or failure as the case may be.

So with all that being said, there is only one question left, who will hoist the King Street Cup in 2020. Currently the King Street Cup is homeless with no winner being declared in the 2019-2020 season, but there are six new teams ready to battle for Welland supremacy. With just over one week before the season starts, we here at www.wnhlwelland.ca will be providing team by team analysis and give our thoughts on who is looking like the early favorites and who are looking like the early degenerates of the league. So stay tuned here to find out what kind of terrible things are being said about your team and you personally.