Message from the Commish:

Hello WNHL Athletes,
The first month of the expanded WNHL is in the books. Everything is running well and I have been very happy how things have been going so far. I would like to thank the four GM’s and The Rex Hotel for helping getting the League started this year.
We have posted the rules on the website now, and I just wanted to reinforce Rule #1 for the WNHL which is “Bros before Goals” this will help us be the greatest Hockey League in Welland’s History if everyone follows this simple policy.
So basically whenever you go into the corner with another player, right before you cue a deadly slap-shot, and when someone on your team is getting a pissed at an opposing player. Just remind them and yourselves “Bros before Goals”. We are all in charge of the culture of the WNHL that we like so much.
Also no throwing or slamming sticks, oh wait that is just me. I will work on that…………. maybe ha ha.
Keep up the great work and details for the WNHL Christmas Classic on December 10th at the Welland Main Arena will be out in the next couple weeks.
Go Jays!!