Niagara moving to a Possible Code Red….

Hello WNHL, As some of you might have heard Niagara has a strong chance to head into Red Level (Control) Starting on Monday December 21st 2020. That would mean the pausing of the WNHL Season after this Wednesday. Everyone is paid up for another 5 games of hockey. So worst case if we stay in Red for an extended period (more then 2 months) we would return into a 5 game playoff and WNHL championship with the regular season standings as of December 16th. If the Red Level is only 4 to 6 weeks (in that range) we would make adjustments to the schedule accordingly with adjusted payments. I have been very happy with the roll out of the season and effectiveness of the payment plan system to help us adjust to changes due to COVID-19. Thanks for paying on time and following all protocols in place to make this season a reality. We hope we avoid the Red Level but I wanted to give everyone the heads up if things get Red in Niagara. Thanks Athletes