The Return of the WNHL Mayhem Tournament

The WNHL Mayhem Tournament is set to be unleashed on Wednesday August 18th at 9pm at the Pelham Arena. The format is 4 on 4, no offsides, no icings, no whistle continuous play 12 Minute Mini Games Tournament. There will be 3 teams in the tournament play each team will play four games in a round robin then the top two teams will play in the Championship Game for Party Tray of Mossimo’s Pizza. Teams will be drafted the night before for by the Commissioners Office.

Each team will have their own locker room to hydratet and talk strategy

First game starts right at 9:05pm

Teams (All Pelham Inspired)

  1. Effingham Hammers (White)
  2. Canboro Cats(Black)
  3. Metler Meteors (Orange) —– Orange Jerseys will be provided


  • Coin flip for first puck possession
  • The puck is always live no icings, no offsides.
  • When a goalie covers the puck the opposing players must tag the blue line and back in to engage their opponent
  • Players can blow the zone at anytime
  • Keep it classy as there is no refs in this format
  • All plays off the mesh are in play
  • Wins are worth 3 points, Ties 1 point, Head to Head is the first tiebreak, Goals for is the second tiebreak
  • Teams can pull the goalie whenever they see fit to break a tie to earn the fancy 3 points
  • No timeouts
  • If the Championship Game is tied after 12 minute. There will be a NHL Style Shootout to claim the winner of the WNHL Mayhem 4 on 4 tournament.

You must register via this eventbrite to be drafted on the team on Tuesday August 17th 2021

Register Here!