WNHL Mayhem 4on4

Wednesday May 15th 2019 – 8pm to 10pm

Gale Centre Arena – Niagara Falls – Rink #1

Games Schedule

  Home Team Road Team
Game 1 Daredevils Gamblers
Game 2 Gamblers Hydro-Powers
Game 3 Hydro-Powers Daredevils
Game 4 Daredevils Gamblers
Game 5 Gamblers Hydro-Powers
Game 6 Hydro-Powers Daredevils
Game 7 Championship Game (Top 2 Teams) Championship Game (Top 2 Teams)

Tournament Structure

  • All games will be 13 minute run time
  • No offside and no icings
  • Home teams start the game with the puck
  • On goalie covers and goals the offensive team needs to clear the zone. Keep in mind this is where the defensive player can jet a person out of zone for a breakout
  • All plays off the mesh are in play
  • Wins are worth 2 points, Ties 1 point, Head to Head is the first tiebreak, Goals for is the second tiebreak
  • If the Championship Game is tied after 13 minute. There will be a NHL Style Shootout to claim the winner of the WNHL Mayhem 4 on 4 tournament
  • Winning Team gets 60 dollars in wings at Grand Central after the game