WNHL Playoffs Set to Start January 24th

With only five weeks in the WNHL Regular Season the eyes start to narrow on the standings for the WNHL Playoffs. This year there will be 8 weeks of playoffs where every team will play each other once and then last night of playoffs will be based on the regular season standings 1st vs 8th, 2nd vs 7th, 3rd vs 6th, 4th vs 5th. The WNHL Commissioners Cup (First overall in the regular season) will get first choice at rink location and time and a 30 pack of Busch Light.

We will be off on March 13th to ensure March Break does not impact the playoffs. The WNHL Championship will be on March 23rd at 5pm at the Welland Arena.

Tiebreakers for regular season will be dictated by the website standings.

Tiebreakers for the playoffs will be Points, Wins, Playoff Head to Head, Goal Differential

Should be a great build up to the King Street Cup on March 23rd.