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Happy New Year WNHL

We are entering the second half of the season where Teams start their rally towards the WNHL League Championship on April 8th at the Meridian Centre. The WNHL League Championship is in replace of the WNHL All-Star Game because of the sheer numbers we now have involved in the WNHL. I also believe it will be a great end of the season party before we go to basic pick-up from mid-April to the end of June 2017.
To determine who will be playing for what at the WNHL League Championship the GM’s and myself decided on a Round-Robin Format in the last 6 weeks of the season. The top two teams from the Round Robin will face off in the Championship Game at the Meridian for the a winner take all and the two lower teams will battle out for “don’t be last place” game before the Championship Game.
Rules of the Round Robin
  • Regular WNHL rules apply
  • 2 points for a win and 1 point for a tie
  • Goals for and goals against factor in the standings
  • The tiebreaker will be the standings from the Regular Season from September 14th 2016 to February 22nd 2017
Keep Saturday April 8th 2016 open for the WNHL League Championship this will have a lot of the same features of the WNHL All-Star Game including cheap beers, food, fans and raising money for the Community Care Organization in St.Catharines. First Game will be at 7pm and the championship game will be at 8pm. Both games will be 3 13 minute Periods with stop time for the last two minutes of each period. More exciting details to follow in the next month!

New Season Early Bird Pricing!

It has been great watching everyone battling with their teams in the WNHL.
Just letting everyone know about the Early Bird Pricing for the 2nd part of the 2016-2017 season.
Pay before January 1st 2017 and you can access the following prices
No Beer Just Ice $160.00
Beer and Ice $220.00
After January 1st 2017 all prices go up $20.00
The 2nd part of the season runs from January 4th 2017 to April 4th 2017
I also appreciate everyone being honest and paying your GM’s for ice and any extra beers. The first part of the season is on budget and this will help make our WNHL Christmas Classic on December 10th a great time!
Thanks everyone,
Kelly Jones

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…

The weather is getting crisp and the leaves are falling, that can only mean one thing! Christmas! No. Halloween? No. That’s for scary murdering Clowns. The end of the world under President Trump? No but maybe!?…If you guessed the WNHL Christmas Classic Tournament at the Welland Main Arena, you are correct!

We had an amazing time last year as the team Matt Sajn built was the 2015 Champs. We have made a couple changes to the tournament layout to make it more competitive for the WNHL Athletes and more entertaining for the thousands of fans in attendance.

Here are some of the details:

Registration Fee: $40 per player includes 3 games, A free WNHL Beer Cozy, free pizza before the tournament at the Arena Lounge, a 15 pack of OV for each team after each game, and a Rex Hotel Buffet after the Tournament. Money is due Wednesday November 16th to be a part of the draft being held November 23rd 2016. Money can be given face to face to me or email transfer to

All current WNHL Athletes will get first access to the tournament before November 16th. After that date the tournament will be open to friends of the WNHL.

Draft Night: Wednesday November 23rd 2016 at 7:30pm at the Rex Hotel. Round Table Draft, no suits, no media allowed. Goalies will be included in the draft listing with the skaters.

Our four GM’s will be

  • Mike Podio (Red Truck, Red Hair)
  • Grant Vash (The Author of Vashology)
  • Ryan Stack (Stack 2.Bro)
  • Jay Thom (Malkin/Pens Guy)

Tournament Date: December 10th 2016 2:30pm Registration/Donated Food Weigh-in at the Welland Main Arena. The lounge upstairs will be open for a Meet and Greet for WNHL Athletes and Fans. Free Pizza for WNHL Athletes.

Last year we did an amazing job donating food for Open Arms Mission and had a great internal competition. Donated Food Differential is still the #1 Tie Breaker for the Round Robin Portion. Food Donation finish at 4pm. Fans are encouraged to bring in food, just make sure they tell them what team they are donating the food to so that can it be added to the total for your team.

New Food Donation Regulation Rule: No Water or Beverages of any sort. Soup is permitted

Tournament Format

  • The first two games on each team`s schedule will be a round robin style
  • 3 – 10 minute Run Time periods and floods after each game. If a team wins a period a point will be given. For Example Team A scores 1 goal and Team B scores 0 in the 1st period Team A will be awarded 1 point in the standings. If Team B scores 1 goal in the 2nd period to tie the game and Team A scores no goals in the 2nd period Team B will get one point in the standings for that period.
  • 2 points will be given for the team that wins the game
  • Tie games will give each team 1 point
  • At the end of the each game there will be a 3 player shootout. Each team will pick their best shooters and at the end of the 3 shooters if one team wins they will receive 1 point. If it is a tie both teams will receive 0 points in the standings from the shootout.

This layout will encourage goal scoring and prevent a team from riding a hot goalie and playing a “New Jersey Devil 1997” style of hockey to protect a win or protect their standing results.

Make sure you bring both your White and Black WNHL Jerseys because you will rotate them.

Tournament Schedule:

Time Game Team Team
South Bench – White Jerseys North Bench – Black Jerseys
4:00pm Game 1 Team Podio Team Thom
5:00pm Game 2 Team Stack 2.0 Team Vash
6:00pm Game 3 Team Thom Team Vash
7:00pm Game 4 Team Podio Team Stack 2.0
8:00pm Loser Game
9:00pm Championship


This should be an amazing time. It’ll be great to have everyone out!

Kelly Jones