Interview with Matt Sajn (GM of the Welland Stelcobra’s)

Evan : Mr sajn, good afternoon! Tough loss again last night for your squad. This is starting to feel all too familiar for the Stelcobras of 16-17 and fans are wondering what’s next? What’s gonna give?
Matt: Afternoon already? I’ve been up all night going over footage and trying to balance the books for the 17-18 stelcobras season. I think we’ve got a lot of hungry guys. Maybe the results haven’t fallen our way, but we got guys looking for ways to make it happen. Only two returning players are on the roster, meaning you’ve got a whole list of guys figuring out how to play with each other. 0-2 isn’t a bad place to be. The 2011 bruins went 0-2 to the Canucks and came back to win the series. Blondie didn’t have a hit until their third record (‘heart of glass’), and sometimes a good dinner will make up for a rough breakfast and lunch. The guys have patience. They’re hungry and they have patience. That’s the big thing. Attendance helps, too.
Evan: So it sounds like the mood in the locker room is still positive. You face Cockell and the Welland Undertakers who are coming off a tight loss and will be hungry for the W. What is your game plan going into next week to prevent the almighty sweep to start the season?
Matt: The great one, Sergei Berezin, always said ‘they can’t sweep if no broom’, so that’s exactly the approach we are going to take. I think we are going to stay the course, cut out the neutral zone, go hard in the corners, and just play our brand of stelcobras hockey that no one’s technically seen yet. I think that with Demers bringing both supplements and intensity, and Doyle bringing the type of fenwick grit that you just can’t find south of Foss road, it’ll work itself out.
Evan: This sounds like a matchup you won’t want to miss. Thanks for taking the time to talk.
Matt: Thanks Evan.