3 Questions with Legends GM, Jay Thom

Q) Hi Jay, thanks for taking the time to sit with us today, tell me, your team is off to a strong start, to what do you contribute your early season success?

A) We got a solid group of guys. Good room, good mix of talent, balance through the line up and the perfect amount of pregame wings and beers to get the legends going.

Q) How do you help your team strike the right balance of pregame wings, beer and weed, to make sure they’ve had enough, but no too much?

A) Is there such thing as too much wings, beer, and weed? If there is, the legends have yet to find that limit. When you’ve got great room guys, like Barty and Pew the beers will flow, Cockell and Kellman the smoke will fly, and me and Big Ben the wings will get eaten. I think that’s our true balance. Everyone has their pregame ritual and we’ve just figured it out as a group

Q) When you have players struggling to light the lamp *cough* Roussseau *cough*. What do you say to them? Do you offer words of encouragement or threaten to demote him to the Champlain league?

A) Our team is defence first. When guys are slumping offensivelyh we don’t worry as they’re doing other things to help. Although Rousseau’s kids socre more goals than he does, he’s been playing great and getting his chances. One key to our recent offensive output was the offer to free wings for our player of the game. It lit a fire under everyone’s ass. I mean even I socre, but I guess the threat of sending a player back in time to the Stelcobras could be a useful kick in the ass.

Thanks for your time Jay, and good luck the rest of the season.