Draft Lottery.

The WNHL offseason officially kicks off tonight with the draft lottery. The annual event will take place at Chris “back to back” Woods’ palacial estate.

For the past two years the number one pick had gone to Gavin Sardella and the Atlas Steelers. He had turned this advantage into two championship appearances bringing home the inaugural King St. Cup. Will he maintain the Edmonton Oiler like streak of first overall picks, or will he show the drafting prowess of the early 2000 Leafs?

Two new franchises will also be introduced to the WNHL tonight to be led by WNHL veterans Craig Laro and Eryn Warden. The new GM’s will unveil thier franchise names and learn their fate.

Draft will be streamed live on twitter @WNHL2. Its “2” because the Womens National Hockey League took @WNHL. They think just because they are better than us, just because they are better than us.

Stay tuned here and on Twitter @WNHL2 for further updates.