Upcoming WNHL Season

Happy Offseason WNHL,

As we get ready for the upcoming WNHL Season we wanted to wish everyone a safe and happy summer. Please let me know if you are in for next year. Prices are $320 without beers and $420 with beers for a 30 game season. I have a lot of people on the waiting list so please let us know if you are not going to fulfill your spot. Here are some other key dates coming up

WNHL BBQ – July 21st 2018 3pm to ???? at Woodzies – We will be picking draft order for the draft, games, food and swimmnig

WNHL 2018-2019 Draft – September 5th 2018 7pm

WNHL 2018-2019 Season Opener – September 12th 2018 – Locations TBA

WNHL Christmas Classic – December 1st 2018 – Welland Main Arena