WNHL Christmas Classic – Saturday December 2nd 2017 3pm – Welland Youth Arena

Registration Fee: $40 per player includes 3 games, a free WNHL Beer Cozy, mid tournament party tray during your game break delivered right to your locker room, a 15 pack of OV for each team after each game, and a Rex Hotel Buffet after the Tournament. Money for the tournament is due Sunday November 12th to be a part of the draft being held November 15th 2017. Money can be given face to face to me or email transfer to kelly_jones_ca@yahoo.com.

All current WNHL Athletes will get first access to the tournament before November 12th. After that date the tournament will be open to friends of the WNHL.

Draft Night: November 15th 2017 –Rex Hotel 7:30pm. Round Table Draft, (attendance not required) no suits, no media allowed. Goalies will be included in the draft listing with the skaters.

Our four GM’s will be

  • Eryn Warden (The Silent Warrior)
  • Chad Kellmann (The Garbage Man)
  • Craig Laro (The Human Wrecking Ball)
  • Barty (The French Disconnection)

Tournament Date: December 2nd 2:00pm Registration/Donated Food Weigh-in at the Jack Ballantyne Memorial Arena. This will give a tight environment for the WNHL Fans and get them closer to ever to their favorite WNHL Athletes and the amazing hockey action they crave.

The two years we did an amazing job donating food for Open Arms Mission and had a great internal competition and donated 1700 pounds of food. Donated Food Differential is still the #1 Tie Breaker for the Round Robin Portion. Food Donation finish at 4pm. Fans are encouraged to bring in food, just make sure they tell them what team they are donating the food to so that can it be added to the total for your team.

Food Donation Regulation Rule: No Water or Beverages of any sort. Soup is permitted

Tournament Format

  • The first two games on each team`s schedule will be a round robin style
  • 3 – 10 minute Run Time periods and floods after each game. If a team wins a period a point will be given. For Example Team A scores 1 goal and Team B scores 0 in the 1st period Team A will be awarded 1 point in the standings. If Team B scores 1 goal in the 2nd period to tie the game and Team A scores no goals in the 2nd period Team B will get one point in the standings for that period.
  • 2 points will be given for the team that wins the game
  • Tie games will give each team 1 point
  • At the end of the each game there will be a 3 player shootout. Each team will pick their best shooters and at the end of the 3 shooters if one team wins they will receive 1 point. If it is a tie both teams will receive 0 points in the standings from the shootout.

Make sure you bring both your White and Black WNHL Jerseys because you will rotate them.

Tournament Schedule:

Time Game Team Team
Close Bench – White Jerseys Far Bench – Black Jerseys
3:00pm Game 1 Team Laro Team Warden
4:00pm Game 2 Team Barty Team Kellmann
5:00pm Game 3 Team Warden Team Barty
6:00pm Game 4 Team Kellmann Team Laro
7:00pm Loser Game TBA TBA
8:00pm Championship TBA TBA