The Most WNHL Thing I’ve Ever Seen

By: Anonymous Stelcobra

This past Wednesday, we had the annual WNHL draft at the Rex. Following the night, WNHL athlete Chris Hugye took home what was said to be a congeniality– a Snap-on hair dryer. The whole night, I was convinced that Kelly was saying ‘Strap on hair dryer’, so the whole thing was both surprising and unexpected. Anyways, when all was said and done, me and Hugye decided to take a walk to the only corner gas station nearby, and buy some darts. As soon as he walked in, I knew he meant business. He walked up the cashier, and said something to the extent of ‘Here’s what’s going to happen here’. Almost certainly thinking he would be robbed, the cashier obliged to listen. ‘I’m going to give you this here snap on hairdryer, and you’re going to give me two packs of darts’. The cashier, a seasoned grifter, was aware of how he was being given the Port Dover pony-business. He responded with the offer of one pack of cigarettes. Hugye, barely thinking about the implications of not being able to dry his hair with such force and speed, responded with the offer of one pack of cigarettes, and three suckers. The extra sucker, he said, was for my girlfriend (a testament to the type of gentleman that Hugye is known as across the league). The cashier obliged. After heading back to my house for a beer, Hugye forgot his pack of darts on my patio. They were rained on, and were reduced to a pulp by the next morning That is the most WNHL thing I’ve ever seen.