WNHL Christmas Classic 2023 Details

All eyes will be on Jack Ballantyne Memorial Arena on Saturday December 2nd for the WNHL Christmas Classic. Where teams face off on the ice and with generosity of non-perishable Food Items for Open Arms Mission of Welland. Each team is guaranteed 3 games to battle it out for the most points. The first tie breaker is weight of donated foods of each team. When you show up to the tournament your team will have its donated food weighted, any fans that come to see you can bring food in your team’s name to help with the total weight in for your team. We hope to get another 5000 pounds of food donated just like last year.

Every player is encouraged to bring as much as non-perishable food items for Open Arms Mission to help with the Food Weight. Which will be your first tie-breaker. No Beverages allowed to be donated. If you have fans of your team dropping off food for your team make sure they do it before 3pm and have them report the team name to the registration desk in the lobby.

Here is how the tournament works:

  • Every team is guaranteed 3 games 3 – 10 minute Run time periods. The last two minutes of each period and penalties will be stop-time.
  • After each round robin game there will be a 3 shooter shootout where the opponent selects the shooters for the opposite team. The winner of the shootout will get one point in the standing. If there is no winner after 3 shooters no points will be awarded to either team.
  • After the round robin the top two teams will play in the Championship Game for glory of being WNHL Christmas Classic Champions
  • Teams score points in the standings by winning periods (1), Game Ties (1), Game Wins (3) and shoutout wins (1)

Example #1 – if a team wins all three periods and the shootout the team will receive 7 points in the standings

Example #2 – if a team wins one period and ties the game and loses the shootout they will receive 2 points.

  • Tiebreakers go in this order; Donated Food Weight, and then head to head

What you get as a Team/Participant

  • Friendship, Fun and the sense of helping people less fortunate then you during the Holiday Season.
  • Each team gets 60 Ice cold beers in their locker room for enjoyment during the tournament (yes you will need to bring more to embrace true Holiday/Hockey Spirit Levels)
  • 5pm a party tray of pizza is delivered to your changeroom for carbo-loading.
  • 3 games and hopefully 4 of hockey magic
  • The Championship Team gets WNHL Christmas Classic Hats from Presstime Design in Welland

2023 WNHL Christmas Classic Schedule

Chippawa Park Rangers (Teddy) – Orange Jerseys (Provided)

Cook Mills Sleighers (Bhan) – Yellow Jerseys (Provided)

Garden City Goons (Brady)– Black WNHL or whatever Black Jersey

Welland Wings (Jeff)– White WNHL or whatever White Jersey

Game TimeTeamTeam
2pmCook Mills Sleighers (Bhan)Welland Wings (Jeff)
3pmChippawa Park Rangers (Teddy)Garden City Goons (Brady)
4pmGarden City Goons (Brady)Cook Mills Sleighers (Bhan)
5pmWelland Wings (Jeff)Chippawa Park Rangers (Teddy)
6pmChippawa Park Rangers (Teddy)Cook Mills Sleighers (Bhan)
7pmGarden City Goons (Brady)Welland Wings (Jeff)
8pmChampionship GameChampionship Game

Rex Hotel Post Game for Pizza Buffett


Chippawa Park Rangers

  1. Teddy Ball Game
  2. Cockell
  3. Nun
  4. Sinclair
  5. Chicken
  6. Younger (Goalie)
  7. Sardella
  8. Spencer Cook
  9. Derek Latulippe
  10. Harvey
  11. Liam Clark
  12. Habber
  13. Marcoux
  14. Dom Reid

Welland Wings

  1. Jeff Beadle
  2. Mark Doyle
  3. Dino
  4. Foster
  5. Daniels
  6. Carl Bering
  7. Jon Campbell
  8. Drew (Goalie)
  9. Kellmann
  10. Mike Law
  11. Scottie Mac
  12. Pete Voynovich
  13. Mike Giganti
  14. Stef Rioux

Cooks Mills Sleighers

  1. Neal Bhan
  2. Steve LaRose
  3. Silvian Roy
  4. Dylan Leahy
  5. Pat DeRochie
  6. Craig Laro
  7. Riley Chatwin
  8. Pat Riley
  9. Callum Gomez
  10. McKinnon
  11. Boggio
  12. Drake Stewart
  13. Tommy Muir
  14. Deaner

Garden City Goons

  1. Nate Brady
  2. Kevin Wright
  3. Ryan Bering
  4. Darren DiMarco
  5. Ethan Clark
  6. Cousin Save
  7. Woods
  8. Jay Thom
  9. Phil Giles
  10. Rod Hazely
  11. Scott Brady
  12. TJ Hatton
  13. TJ VB
  14. Nicholas Villela