WNHL Christmas Classic Rosters

The Jacked Daniels – Cockell, Woods, Laro, Willard, Dryden, Jay Thom, Derek Demers, St. Pierre, Scotty Mac, Strohawk, Big Al and Goalie Deaner – Captain Ryan Daniels

St.Lawerence Seaman – Doyle, Dino, Carl Bering, Jeff Beadle, Billy Crum, Phil Demers, Ted Beadle, Sharkey, Bishop, Kellmann, Bonazza, Hudak Goalie Colin Nun – Captain Billy Topolinsky

Welland Blue Stars – Lance Romance, Josh Gervais, Eryn Warden, TJ Stack, Sinclair, Mollo, Jon Campbell, Nathan Hooper, AC, Dyson, Gomez Goalie Anthony Young – Captain Henry Wiens

The Bi-Polar Bears – Ryan Bering, Cboz, Baz, Ryan Stack, Frank Mauro, Al Jones, Habjan, Gboz, Tucker, Kelly Jones, Callum Gomez Goalie Zach Haist – Captain Pete Voynovich

Remember to get your food collection started now! Registration starts at 2pm at the Welland Youth Arena. Should be a great time for hockey and an even better time to give back to Welland!