WNHL Christmas Classic Schedule

Food Weight in starts at 1pm and all games are at the Welland Youth Arena

Chippawa Park Rangers (Nun) – Orange Jerseys (Provided)

Boozin Bruins (Young) – Yellow Jerseys (Provided)

Drinking Buddy’s (Haist) – Black WNHL or whatever Black Jersey

Polar Beers (Save) – White WNHL or whatever White Jersey

Game TimeTeamTeam
2pmChippawa Park Rangers (Nun)Polar Beers (Save)
3pmBoozin Bruins (Young)Drinking Buddy’s (Haist)
4pmDrinking Buddy’s (Haist)Chippawa Park Rangers (Nun)
5pmPolar Beers (Save)Boozin Bruins (Young)
6pmBoozin Bruins (Young)Chippawa Park Rangers (Nun)
7pmDrinking Buddy’s (Haist) Polar Beers (Save)
8pmChampionship GameChampionship Game

Rex Hotel Post Game for Pizza Buffett