WNHL Draft Preview – Final Edition

8 – Crowland Murder

We’ve come crashing all the way to the bottom of the draft ladder and find ourselves face to face with the second expansion team this year, the Crowland Murder. For those that don’t know a “murder” is what you call a group of crows. I can’t believe I have to explain that, but I’ve been in dressing with most of you, and some of you, not all, but some, are dumb as hell. You all know who I”m talking about.. Let’s take a look at the how the Crowland Murder will fare in their inaugural draft.

Not these racist ass crows

After stumbling out of the block with naming the team the Woodlawn Warriors, Chicken McChicken listened to the fan feedback and pivoted to the much better Crowland Murder. Now the franchise is set up with great branding, how do they fill the roster? Chicken finds himself at a slight disadvantage from the other GM’s as he’s not a born and bred Wellander. In fact he wasn’t even born in the region. He’s an interloper from Burlington or some shit like that. He also currently a resident of St. Catharines which is frowned upon here in the WNHL.

Out of the 7 other GM’s, Chicken has been in the league for the shortest amount of time. Brought into the league to play defence for the Dain City Dusters by Baz, Chicken quickly established himself as puck moving defenceman who could jump into the rush and contribute on the offence end. Problem was he was playing for the Dusters and they still have the “must pass to Baz” rule. Chicken is now freed from the oppressive regime of Baz and will get a chance to branch out on his own, spread his wings and leave his short and stocky mark on the WNHL.

Chicken the first second when he was asked if he’d consider jumping ship from the Dusters

Chicken sits at the bottom of the draft board, but of course with the WNHL bringing in the snake draft this year, Chicken will sit with back to back picks. He gets a great chance to set his team up with two key pieces to establish the core of the Crowland Murder. (Goddamn that’s a great name). So where does Chicken look? Does he start to raid the Dain City Dusters? I don’t know how good that will do, they haven’t won shit. Why pick another teams trash, you know?

Chicken searching for any usable parts amongst the Dusters teams of the past

Being in the unique spot of being the last overall pick, gives that unique opportunity to address two needs at once. He can grab and explosive scorer and a number one defenceman and set him up for the long wait all the way back to his picks at the end of round #3. Chicken is participating in his first draft and there is a chance he under prepares and gets quickly overwhelmed, or he could sit quietly in the pocket and establish the first ever expansion champion. It all starts on August 24th at the Rex Hotel when Chicken will select;

Prediction: Sean and Blair Boychuck.

This concludes our eight part draft preview. Stay tuned in this space for our 8 part draft analysis following the WNHL Draft on August 24th, at the WNHL Headquarters The Rex Hotel. Come be part of history as the WNHL has our first ever 8 team snake draft featuring goalies. What an event. Don’t want to miss it.