WNHL Mayhem Tournament Format and Schedule


8:55pmHammers (Orange)Rangers (Black)
9:10pmRangers (Black)Maulers (White)
9:25pmMaulers (White)Hammers (Orange)
Ice Resurfacing  
10:00pmHammers (Orange)Rangers (Black)
10:15pmRangers (Black)Maulers (White)
10:30pmMaulers (White)Hammers (Orange)
10:45pmChampionship GameChampionship Game

Teams (All Niagara Falls Inspired)

  • Merrittville Maulers (White)
  • Ridgeville Rangers (Black)
  • Effingham Hammers (Orange) —– Orange Jerseys will be provided


  • All games are 12 minutes
  • Home Team starts with the Puck
  • The puck is always live no icings, no offsides.
  • When a goalie covers the puck the opposing players must tag the blue line and back in to engage their opponent
  • Players can blow the zone at anytime
  • Keep it classy as there is no refs in this format
  • All plays off the mesh are in play
  • Wins are worth 3 points, Ties 1 point, Head to Head is the first tiebreak, Goals for is the second tiebreak
  • Teams can pull the goalie whenever they see fit to break a tie to earn the fancy 3 points
  • No timeouts
  • If the Championship Game is tied after 12 minute. There will be an NHL Style Shootout to claim the winner of the WNHL Mayhem 4 on 4 tournament.