The New Season is starting to take Shape!

We have been working hard at the WNHL Head Office for the new season. Just looking to confirm season start date, locations and times this week. On September 9th we will be having the WNHL Try-out Rookie Game at the Pelham Arena. This will give the 6 GM’s a good look at the new talent. 

The draft is scheduled for Wednesday September 23rd location TBD. So get your popcorn ready for one of the biggest events of the year. 

The cost for the season will be 420 and with the looming affects of COVID-19 we will be taking 120 up front. Once it looks promising for a full season we will collect the remaining 300. We will have refs all season this year. 

It looks like we have time in the change rooms to get ready and won’t have to get dressed at home. “Gatorade” in the changeroom will be BYOB for the first month once we get a feel for what is happening with the new system.

Thanks, Kelly Jones – WNHL Commissioner

Grant Vash barely containing is excitement for the return of the WNHL