The Return of the Mighty W?

Hello WNHL Athlete, Having our first 6 team season go up in COVID-19 Smoke was not ideal. As a league we are looking forward to a new season. We have been communicating with the local arenas in Niagara and looks like we be able to have a season in October of 2020 with locations and times TBD. This will probably look different with us not having regular access to change rooms and showing up mostly dressed for games and other precautions in place to protect our athletes. Many rinks have not laid out their entire plans so more information will be shared. The most important question are you interested in returning to the WNHL this season? We will probably be paying for the season with instalment payments in case of 2nd wave and we have to adjust the season. I am still gathering costs but with refs all season I am guessing we will be in the $420 (Snooch) to $440 range for the entire season. Beer will be WNHL Beer Card Only this season and without proper change rooms I am not sure how we will roll out the beers just yet. The Rex and Pipers are interested in having us half-dressed with Febreeze in hand for food and refreshment. Please send a message to see if you are interested in the upcoming season by August 28th 5pm 2020. Hope to see you on the ice very soon.

Kelly Jones

WNHL Commissioner