WNHL Draft Preview – Part Four

4 – Rose City Hockey Club

We have now reached the first in our expansion teams, The Rose City Hockey Club (RCHC). New GM, but veteran WNHLer Mike Podio got the promotion to GM and is handed the reigns to his own team. How do I write a draft preview for a new GM and a new team? I have no idea. Be prepared for lots of filler, as we take a look at The Rose City Hockey Club.

Me filling this preview with whatever the hell.

It was almost done in secret. Even the members of the leadership committee were kept in the dark regarding Commissioner Jones plans to expand. He really puts the dick in dictator. When the news dropped and word got out that Podio had been named GM it was met with great enthusiasm throughout the WNHL. Podio, one of the more likable players in the WNHL (the complete opposite of Wurfel) used his “Ceremonial Snips” and cut the ribbon on the new franchise, branding it The Rose City Hockey Club. Podio nailed his first decision as GM.

So how does Podio follow up his 100% good decision rate? What does he do at the four spot in the draft? Damned if i know. End of preview.

The problem here with writing this preview is that Podio himself if a versatile player. He has been known to lock down the back end, but has also been seen dominating the center ice position. Podio uses his ample frame to protect the puck and control the play. It’s been said that playing against Podio makes you feel like you have “A Day and a Deathwish”

RCHC’s starting 5

Of course Podio could always say “Fuck the Pain, Bring the Noise” and draft a goalie in the four spot. That would without a doubt sent the draft into chaos for the other 7 GM’s. There is a lot of talk about who is going to pull the trigger on a goalie first, with some inside sources saying they could see a goalie going in the first four picks. This could be his moment. Podio could give himself a “Quality Life Assessment” (you guys see what I’m doing here right?) and be the first to pull the goalie trigger. That begs the question as to what goalie would he pick? King Street Cup Champion and Mark Laforest award winner Colin Nunn? Perennial league leader Anthony Young? The Fenwick wildcard Nate Haist? Maybe he needs to consult with people that he “They That Trust” to make his decision. (really had to shoehorn that one in there)

Podio’s POV from the GM’s table, that’s Cousin Save in the back

In the end the world is Podio’s oyster sitting in the number four spot. He will have the ability to shape his franchise and take it in any direction he wants. Being drafted to the RCHC will at worse, feel like you’re “Dead Only Better”, and at best will be a “Rad Affair”. Being a member of the Atlas Steelers for so long, Podio has been on a room first team for a substantial time, and I believe he will be looking bring that philosophy to the Rose City Hockey Club. Maybe Podio will surpass the Atlas Steelers and “Murder Thy Maker”. Damn it’s getting hard to squeeze these in. Haddonfield.

Prediction – Colin Nunn