WNHL Holiday Mayhem Tournament this Saturday

We are set for another WNHL 4 on 4 Mayhem Tournament. This is a quick little tourney that we have done twice this year. It keeps you on your toes with 13 minute games no whistles, no offsides and no icings. Can’t be celebrating goals or hanging out talking about how much you are in debt because of the Holidays. Below are the rules and the teams for this Saturday at the Welland Youth Arena from 10am to Noon. The winning team will receive 10 Cheeseburgers to their locker room at the end of the tournament.

Tournament Structure

  • All games will be 13 minute run time
  • No offside and no icings
  • Home teams start the game with the puck
  • On goalie covers and goals the offensive team needs to clear the zone before they re-engage with an opposing player. Keep in mind this is where the defensive player can jet a person out of zone for a breakout or breakway
  • All plays off the mesh are in play
  • Wins are worth 3 points, Ties 1 point, Head to Head is the first tiebreak, Goals for is the second tiebreak
  • Teams can pull the goalie whenever they see fit to break a tie to earn the fancy 3 points
  • No timeouts
  • No Refs so please keep it classy
  • If the Championship Game is tied after 13 minute. There will be a NHL Style Shootout to claim the winner of the WNHL Mayhem 4 on 4 tournament.
  Home Team Road Team
Game 1 Mistletoe Draggers  The Big Bulbs
Game 2 The Big Bulbs Santa’s Sacks
Game 3 Santa’s Sacks Mistletoe Draggers 
Game 4 The Big Bulbs Mistletoe Draggers 
Game 5 Santa’s Sacks The Big Bulbs
Game 6 Mistletoe Draggers  Santa’s Sacks
Game 7 Championship Game 1st vs 2nd

Mistletoe Draggers (Black Jerseys)

  1. Kevin Dyson
  2. Eryn Warden
  3. Matt Backshall
  4. Blair Boychuk
  5. Derek Demers
  6. Dryden
  7. Sean Boychuk
  8. Tyler Bradley
  9. Don (Bering’s Fam)

Goalie – Joel Szigattis

Big Bulbs

  1. Mike Law
  2. Dave (Bering’s Fam)
  3. Laro
  4. Habjan
  5. Chicken
  6. Woods
  7. Kev Wright
  8. Wareful
  9. Doyle

Goalie – Colin Nun

Santa’s Sacks

  1. Sharkey
  2. Jay Thom
  3. Aaron (Bering’s Fam)
  4. Jeff Beadle
  5. Bering
  6. Peter Nun
  7. Phil Demers
  8. Campbell
  9. Al Jones

Goalie – Zach Haist