Zebras coming to the WNHL Zoo

In talking to the WNHL Leadership Command and many WNHL athletes in the bars and parking lots of the arenas. Many have noticed an increase in the speed and competitive nature of the games. And by no means is this a bad thing. It shows that skill levels, team play and effort on Wednesdays are all increasing. This really makes the self policing of the WNHL more difficult. To avoid any strains on relationships and keep the league as competitive and as fair as possible we are asking everyone to chip in an extra 25 bucks to include Refs and Timekeepers for an extra 5 weeks leading into the playoffs. This would mean the remaining January Games will be the same format as we had for entire season. Starting in February we will go with Refs, Timekeepers 3 13 minute periods with stop time the last two minutes. This would last until the end of the season.
The changes will mean no more puck off the mesh, more stops but an easier environment to know goals, penalties and icings. Please pay your GM’s this fee to make things easier for me. Also we need to respect our Refs and any verbal abuse of a ref will be 2 minute unsportsmanlike and at 2nd incident will be removal from the game.

We have one of the best beer leagues in Canada and I want to ensure that this carries on. Refs will change the dynamic of the game but we all still need to exhibit self control, understand a win isn’t the end all be all and that we play for many great Wednesdays, beers, wings, buds and pizza. The King Street Cup is ready for it’s next winner on April 11th.

Kelly Jones – Commissioner and 4th liner of the WNHL